With Whit

{an apple a day can’t keep the travel bug away!}

As a college student living in the bustling city of Boston, keeping on top of fashion, beauty, food, and photography trends is something I am passionate about! And did I mention that I love to travel? Here are places I’ve traveled to in the past 3 years, to name a few:

Dublin, Ireland ◊ Edinburgh, Scotland ◊ Barcelona, Spain ◊ Oslo, Norway ◊ Amsterdam, Netherlands ◊ Paris, France ◊ Tokyo, Japan ◊ Cusco, Peru ◊ Ephesus, Turkey ◊ Cozumel, Mexico

I envision the future of WithWhit to have a strong emphasis on travel and the trends listed above by delivering quality posts, videos, and photos. If there is a service or product that could possibly align well with a college-age city girl, I’d love to collaborate! Some possible partnership ideas include:

  • Sponsored Posts & Guest Posts
  • Sponsored Destination Visits
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Photo/Video Promotions
  • Social Media Campaigns

As always, I am open to any new ways of collaborating!

Please feel free to contact me at:



♥ Whitney Kuwamoto