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A Weekend in Barcelona!

· Barcelona, Spain {2015} ·

December 22, 2017 Comments Off on A Weekend in Barcelona!

"Strut like you mean it
Free your mind
It's not enough just to dream it"

While studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, I had the opportunity to take a weekend trip to Barcelona! Click here to read more about my study abroad experience. While in Barcelona, I stayed at the Black Swan Hostel, which was a short walk outside of Barcelona’s city center. Below are some pictures that summarize my experience!


What would a trip to Barcelona be without some sangria?


And tapas, of course! €2 per plate!


Kicked off the morning after our arrival with a beautiful view of Barcelona.


If you were a fan of the Cheetah Girls movies in years past, you may recognize this place.


Starting to look more familiar?


It’s Park Güell! With my Cheetah sistas 😉

Remember this iconic view from the Cheetah Girls 2 movie?


Park Güell was built in the 1890’s on a mountain ridge overlooking Barcelona.

Every piece of architecture in the park is decorated with tile mosaics.


Let the night begin! This was from the first stop on our hostel’s pub crawl.

We ordered the blackout tray… €20. Need I go on about the rest of our night?


My obligatory Starbuck’s coffee order while traveling.

Hi, my name is Weny.


The outside of La Sagrada Familia basilica!

This wall was just one face of intricate designs wrapped around the entire church.


Stained glass windows inside La Sagrada Familia that paint the insides of the basilica with rainbow light.

A breathtaking, unique work of art.