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Apps that Save & Make You Money

December 13, 2017 Comments Off on Apps that Save & Make You Money

"By using the right companies to earn cash back or buying discounted products and services, stretching your dollar and saving your hard-earned cash is easy."

Let’s be real–everybody could stand to have a little extra spending money. Whether it be for getting new clothes, going out for drinks, or buying that thing on Instagram that Kylie Jenner has, additional cash in your weekly budget is never something negative. The best part about this extra cash is that it’s available to everybody, and it’s right at your fingertips! Each one of these moneymaking opportunities can be done at your leisure with FREE apps on your smartphone.

There are many similar articles that promote apps like Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, iPoll, Inbox Dollars, Panel app; the list goes on. Although these apps are legitimate ways to earn money, it can sometimes take weeks–even months–before you start to see your payout (trust me, I’ve tried all of them!). But don’t worry! In the sea of apps that are available for iPhone and Android users, there are a handful of moneymaking apps that yield quicker, more tangible results. What’s even better is these apps can be integrated into your daily schedule, earning you money with minimal extra effort on your part. Here are 7 of my favorite apps that I use to help save and make extra money:

Disclaimer: All opinions and claims on this article are my own. I am not affiliated with any of these companies. I have downloaded each of these applications for my own personal use.


 1. Field Agent

Field Agent is, by far, the best app that I have found to make extra cash. As a field agent, you will participate in mobile surveys and audits for companies who are researching the customer service, quality of displays, and consumer opinions of their individual stores across the country. By doing this, you can make anywhere from $1 – $20 for each job you complete! Keep in mind that each job is location specific to stores around you, and they must be completed within a 2-4 hour time window (which is very easy).

If you accept and complete jobs consistently, using field agent can be extremely lucrative! Take a look at what my total earnings have been just from completing random jobs around me at my convenience:

Typically, the money you earn is transferred into a PayPal account, but recently Field Agent has added a direct deposit option!

Ready to get started as a field agent? Click here to sign up!


2. Shopkick

Another great app that I’ve used for years is Shopkick. Much like Field Agent, Shopkick is location specific. Oftentimes, you can use Field Agent and Shopkick at the same stores! Unlike other moneymaking apps, Shopkicking earns you “kicks”, or points that you can later redeem for gift cards to a wide variety of stores, including Amazon! Honestly, who doesn’t need more Amazon gift cards in their life?

To earn kicks, Shopkick requires you to do simple tasks like walk into specific stores or scan barcodes on different products within a store. You can even connect your credit cards to earn kicks as you shop! By saving up your kicks, you can redeem anything from a $5 Starbucks gift card to a VESPA! Yes, indeed, a vespa bike.

Over the years, I’ve gotten enough kicks to redeem three $25 Sephora gift cards. That’s $75 worth of gift cards practically for free! However, if you are more dedicated to Shopkicking and accumulate kicks quicker than I do, you can definitely earn much, much more.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to download Shopkick and start earning gift cards today! By using my link, you’ll get 250 free kicks to contribute to your gift card!


3. Ebates

What if I told you that you could get paid to shop? Well, here I am telling you; you can GET PAID to shop! If you haven’t signed up already, I’m sure you’ve heard of Ebates before, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular. Companies including, but not limited to, Ticketmaster, Kohl’s, Walmart, Groupon, Amazon, Ebay and Macy’s all offer cash back when you shop online at their stores. Not only do you get a percentage of money back on whatever you spend at these stores, you also get a free $10 after your first purchase when you sign up using this button:


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Do you use Google Chrome as your main internet browser? If so, consider installing the Ebates Extension, so you’ll always know when you can get cash back!

4. Dosh

Much like Ebates, Dosh gives you a percentage of your money back when you make purchases at certain stores. However, the amount of stores affiliated with Dosh are more limited than Ebates. But who’s to say it’s not worth using still? The benefit of using Dosh is that it can give you cash back for online AND in-person transactions when you link and make purchases with your debit or credit card. Additionally, the businesses that  It also pays you $1 per card you link!

By using your location, Dosh will give you a list of stores, hotels, and restaurants in your area that will give you cash back for making a purchase. Although the money you make while using Dosh can be deposited into your bank account, you also have the option to donate your earnings to charities such as United Way, American Red Cross, and Child Fund International.

Click here to sign up with Dosh!


5. Checkout 51

No matter where you live or what stores offer Field Agent jobs around you, one thing is certain: you need to purchase groceries. But don’t be so hasty to throw away your receipts, even if you’re only purchasing a gallon of milk! Checkout 51 is an easy to use app that gives you money back for scanning your receipts from grocery shopping! Literally, all you have to do is scan your receipt, and if certain products qualify within the app, you will get cash back for them.

Checkout 51 may not give as much cash back as Ebates or Dosh, but if you’re consistent about scanning your receipts, cents add up quickly.

Click here to sign up with Checkout 51!


6. Groupon

It should go without saying that Groupon is one of the best money-saving apps/websites in existence. I mean, full quality services and products at a fraction of the price? Who wouldn’t want that?

Groupon is relatively well-known around the world, but I don’t think people realize just how many products Groupon offers and how much money Groupon can save them. Let me give you an idea of what Groupon has to offer…

  • Need a new phone? Groupon has iPhones
  • New laptop? Groupon has Macbooks and Windows
  • New camera set? Groupon has discounted HQ camera sets
  • Christmas cards? Groupon has shutterfly
  • Want new designer jewelry? Groupon
  • Thai food? Groupon
  • Yoga? Groupon
  • Mani pedis? Groupon!

The list is endless. Plus, Groupon is so easy to use! All you need to do is print out the voucher after purchasing something or show the voucher in the app on your phone and voila! You’ve used a groupon.

Use my link here to register for Groupon and get $10 free when you make your first purchase of any value within the first 3 days of signing up!


7. Cartwheel (now within the Target app)

Last but not least, one of my favorite money-saving apps is Cartwheel. This app is only good for saving money while shopping at Target, and if you don’t shop at Target, then who even are you!? Target is basically your one-stop-shop for everything, and Cartwheel is the coupon book!

Within Cartwheel, you can find coupons for anything ranging from food to hardware. By scrolling through Cartwheel and adding each available discount to your “coupon book” within the app, all you need to do at the register is scan one barcode that includes all of the coupons you’ve added. It automatically discounts each item that you added a coupon for!

Sign up for Cartwheel through the Target app here!


Modern technology makes it so easy for consumers to shop online and spend money; however, by using the right companies to earn cash back or buying discounted products and services, stretching your dollar and saving your hard-earned cash is easy. Registering with apps using referral links can jumpstart your extra earnings. This, paired with consistent use of the apps listed above, can generate results that far exceed any expectations of how much money you can make and save by simply downloading these 7 smartphone apps.

December 20, 2017